Fellows’ Impact


When I first started working with Teach For Lebanon(TFL),I had my doubts. I was not sure that I will be able to fulfill the vision and mission of TFL. Some other times, I wondered if two years are enough to leave an impact on all these students. On the other hand, being chosen to teach in Wadeh El Samad public school, a school located in Bakhoun-North Lebanon, made it even a greater challenge for me since the school had many TFL Fellows in the previous years. The moment I met my students, all these fears turned into a great motivation and a drive to give my best.

For me, it was amazingly surprising seeing the differences between the students who have been taught by previous TFL Fellows and the ones who did not have them as teachers. On the behavioral level, it was much easier to set the class promises with those who have already met previous Fellows. They were able to share more thoughts and show a great understanding for the importance of keeping class promises. On the academic level, these students were among the best. They were able to follow instructions easier, and show great analytical and critical thinking skills. On the personal level, the Fellows’ students showed more openness in debates and were able to defend their opinion using more structured arguments. This made it easier to bring new topics to the classroom. Students who were not taught by TFL Fellows, showed less readiness to discuss new topics.

When I noticed the difference a TFL Fellow can make in the students’ lives on different levels, I found myself dedicated to make as great impact as possible in my students’ lives.


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