Meet Our Fellows: Ghadeer Saghir

Name: Ghadeer El-Saghir

School: Sahaguian-Levon Meguerditchian College

Education: Mathematics (LIU), English Literature (LU)

Hometown: Beirut

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Baking, Music

  • What inspired you to join Teach for Lebanon? What was the main reason that made you join the program?

Unlike the majority of Lebanon’s organizations, Teach for Lebanon has a mission to accomplish and a vision to truly work on. I was still a junior year student when TFL made a seminar at my university. I thought this is what I want to be part of when I graduate; an active member of a professional, kind-hearted society with an educational goal to reach. Apart from this, TFL was overwhelmingly promising in terms of character-development.

  • What are you hoping to accomplish with your students?

I am hoping to make my students active members in the Lebanese society, by trying to fill the language gap. Along with plenty other personal-level activities, extra-curricular activities and educational strategies, they will be ready to face any societal challenge and make a change in it. I am very excited to start my two-year journey; I can feel it will give me the great privilege of inspiring little souls, and I am looking forward to make a change.

  • What excites you most about teaching in Lebanon?

The most exciting part is that it is challenging. Teaching in Lebanon triggers all sides of a personality; it tests patience, knowledge, social abilities and definitely the educational part. All these wrapped up under one platform: the privilege of teaching.

  • What are your future and professional goals or targets?

My target is to focus on the two years ahead. The main goal will be being able to make a change, I will fully dedicate my time to try being the teacher my students have always dreamed of.


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