Meet Our Fellows: Josiane Atallah

Name: Josiane Atallah

School: Paradis d’Enfants – Jounieh

Education: Biology – Lebanese University (Fanar)

Hometown: Nabay

Hobbies: Photography, Hiking and Writing

  • What inspired you to join Teach For Lebanon? What was the main reason that made you join the program?

During my graduate studies, I saw a big disparity between my own experiences, being taught at a private school, and those of my peers, who were mostly from public schools. I saw many students that had a lot of potential but could not succeed due to their poor education.

On a more personal level, I noticed that in many private schools, there is a difference in the way some students were treated. I realized that I wanted to make a change when I tutored some of the latter, and found that investing in new learning methods or just striving to find and solve their individual problems, made them excel and boosted their self-esteem.

  • What are you hoping to accomplish with your students?

Although I believe that education in Lebanon needs reform, what I hope to achieve with my students goes beyond the traditional curriculum. I want to instill in them an appreciation for the environment, Human Rights, Arts and Culture. I aim to make my students more aware of these issues, and hopefully help them gain an appreciation for all that this country, and its history, has to offer.

  • What excites you most about teaching in Lebanon?

Lebanon is a beautifully animated and written book that is just craving to be picked up. From its rich history, to its newly thriving art scenes, to the hope that we can make a change. Lebanon is my country above all, and if we hope to improve it, we must thrive to instill a love for our country in our youth. Teaching in Lebanon offers you endless historical lessons, architectural wonders and countless stories to tell!

  • What are you future and professional goals or targets?

At the moment, I am trying to take things one step at a time. My current target is to survive this school year, and hopefully the next one. In the long run, I hope to further my own education so that I am able to contribute more to my students and to my country.


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