Meet Our Fellows: Fatima El Atrach

Name: Fatima EL Atrach

School: Tyre Community School (TCS)

Education: Hospitality Management and Tourism, Lebanese International University

Hometown: Dairentar, South Lebanon

Hobbies: Reading, Swimming, Taekwondo

  • What inspired you to join Teach For Lebanon? What was the main reason that made you join the Program?

I loved the idea of contributing, indirectly, in bettering the education field in Lebanon. Teach For Lebanon, a one of a kind NGO, offered that. It makes me proud now to say that I am part of an organization with such a long track history. It supports learning and development on the job and really rewards hard work.

  • What are you hoping to accomplish with your students?

As a teacher, I look forward to learning from my students while using my experiences to guide them through their struggles. Leading a group of 200 students is forcing me to be flexible yet strict. Goals for students from under-served communities should never be set lower because of their background, and as a fellow I hope to raise expectations for all students.

  • What excites you most about teaching in Lebanon?

Going back to my country after growing up abroad, teaching in Lebanon allows me to rediscover my own country.

  • What are your future and professional goals or targets?

I want to continue learning things that will make me a better leader. I always strive to better myself. My goals include undergoing my Master studies. My ultimate goal is to use my knowledge to help others reach their full potential and help them develop their skills and understanding of different subjects.


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